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Our Grandson’s First RV Adventure

August 8, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 


While our grandson’s father (our son-in-law) was deployed to Iraq, we decided it would be fun to take our grandson to Disney World.  We had heard a lot of great things about the Fort Wilderness Campground, so we started making all the arrangements.  We thought it would be the perfect place for him to celebrate his 4th birthday.  The most difficult part of the planning was when we had to break the news to his mother (our daughter) that this was a “grandparents/grandson” trip.

Pluto at Breakfast

(Photo Caption: Pluto visits during breakfast)

We ended up compromising and flying her down for the last couple of days of the trip.  While he had stayed with us a few times in the RV, this was the first time he got to actually travel with us for any distance.  He was already excited about the “house with wheels,” but when he saw the slideouts moving, he was very impressed. The RV is set up nicely so that he was able to ride in his car seat and watch DVDs during the trip (our Disney DVDs, naturally).  Tip: Grandma used a handheld mirror to keep an eye on him from the co-pilot seat.  Then, we arrived at Disney World!  He could hardly contain himself and it was torture that we had to set up the RV instead of jumping right into the activities.

Birthday with Eeyore

Eeyore visits for his birthday

Getting up the first morning and discovering that all we had to do was ride the boat from Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom really impressed him.  However, the first day in the park started out a bit bumpy because, as a 4-year-old, he was not very happy about waiting in lines for rides and such.  While this caused a few issues, it all changed at his first meal with the characters—that was when he realized this place was different from anywhere else he had been.  Having Lilo and Stitch, and Mickey and Pluto all showing up at his table just made his day.  From that moment on, he had a blast.  Everything from the rides to the campfire sing-a-long with Chip ‘n Dale were exciting for him.  Then, when he had a birthday cake delivered by Winnie-the-Pooh and friends, that was the peak of his trip (and Mom was there for this one).  Each day just wore him out.

Tired little boy

Time for some sleep

We had a blast and he still talks about it.  His new daycare teacher even asked his mom about his grandparents; finding out they lived in a motor home explained a lot for the teacher.  We always knew that we would take him to Disney again, but had not made plans for it yet.  Then, we got word that his dad was being deployed–again.  When he was told that Dad was leaving, his first comment was this meant his grandparents would take him to Disney again!  It seems we have set a precedent, and we felt bad that we had to disappoint him.  Then, one day my wife pointed out that since the family would be meeting in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, Disney Land is only 4 hours away.  So, our grandson was happy to hear that he gets to go visit Mickey right before Thanksgiving.

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