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A Spring Camping Adventure

April 21, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

The pond skimming course

The pond skimming course

RVers looking for a place to go in early spring should think about northern New Mexico. There is much going on and, if you are enjoying the amenities of the Taos Ski Valley, you may camp or park your RV in the large upper parking lot of the resort. As a recent example of things to do and see in this area, the 2013 ski season at Taos Ski Valley ended with a bang on Sunday, April 7th. To celebrate the end of a great season, the Ski Valley, with the help of several sponsors, held the Bud Light Pond Skimming Championships. Participants were to descend a hill of snow using any means necessary to skim across an 80 foot pond of ice cold water. Motorized vehicles were prohibited and points were given for the best costume.

Taos Ski Valley Pond Skimming ChampionshipsHaving heard of this event in the past but never having had the opportunity to actually witness the festivities, Terry and I made plans to attend. We were not disappointed. Every participant was adorned in a costume of one kind or another. Several skiers/snowboarders dressed as bananas; it seemed to be a theme this year. One of the few participants to make it all the way across the pond without first sinking into the icy pool was wearing only a pair of underwear briefs with the words, “Man of Steel” along the back of the waistband. I have declined to publish his photo in spite of the fact that I took several as this is, after all, a family blog.

Skiers and snowboarders registered and paid a $20 entry fee in advance, then lined up along a ridge

Banana #1

Banana #1

just above the start of the hill. One at a time, they were given the go ahead to begin their descent. After the first portion of the hill, skiers encountered a mogul, which caused many to veer off course, then continued their descent toward the icy depths below. Few made it across the pond without first taking a very cold bath.

One man dressed as a tooth for his adventure. The back of his costume read “Dr. Nyland (a local dentist) dared me.” Needless to say, he did not skim the pond but sank like a stone.

The "Tooth"

The “Tooth”

There were also a pink Carebear (male), one lovely young woman dressed as a princess who did not even make it past the mogul and several other colorful characters. The event ran from 2:30 to 5 pm, after which the winner was crowned. As most participants did not make it across the pond without getting wet, the winner was chosen from the few who accomplished this feat and was largely based on their costumes and theatrics.

Participants were invited to soak in a hot tub after their cold water bath, courtesy of a local hot tub dealer. He sold the tub on-sight the day of the event. After the festivities, the Ski Valley and several local businesses sponsored an end of the season block party with the band, Last to Know, a local favorite, on one of the streets in the village. A great time was had by all.

The hot tub!

The hot tub!

To help you plan your future visit to the end of the season Pond Skimming Championships and other places to visit in New Mexico, browse Woodall’s listings of New Mexico RV camping resorts.


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