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Check out the Good Sam Camping App’s Features

April 12, 2013 by · 7 Comments 


Take a look of some of the great features in the Good Sam Camping app.

APP• With this app (right), RVers can search for campgrounds by city and state and can filter their searches to include campgrounds based on the availability of Wi-Fi, full hookups, big rig sites, swimming pools, laundry facilities or other criteria.

Listing• Each park listing (left) contains the park’s rating along with prices and facility information, including pet restrictions. Detailed site information lets users know what size sites are available and what kind of hookups guests can expect. Users can select RV Driving Directions or Google Map Directions to ensure they find their way. One-click access to park websites gives users even more information, without ever leaving the app. iPhone users can touch the phone number in your park’s listing for an instant connection.

MapCropped• The Map search (left)  is a great way to find RV parks in a given area. Red pins represent Good Sam Parks.

NearbyCropped• Use the Nearby feature (right) to find RV parks near your location, indicated by the pulsating blue dot.

• Keep track of your favorite RV parks by using the Favorites feature for handy reference.

To get the new Good Sam Camping app, simply update your Trailer Life Park Finder app or download it for free from the Apple App Store.


7 Responses to “Check out the Good Sam Camping App’s Features”
  1. Lew Pinsker says:

    Come on Sam…Android has 75% of the smart phone market and you're still only offering this app for the I Phone. How about us in the great unsilent majority?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree that Sam needs an Android Camping App. The Apple App does me no good. We have the 2013 Campground Directory and we make good use off it. Until this year, I also used the RV Road Trip Navigator in my laptop. Those two combined with my Garmin GPS Mapping device got us to many new and wonderful places. It would be great to be able to replace the Road Trip Navigator with a Camping App in my Samsung Galaxy Note II 5" and Tab 10" devices.

  3. Shawn Kelly says:

    Agree! Android platform is far more often utilized, particularly by the demographic targeted by Good Sam. Time to get into the game and step up to the plate, Good Sam……..

  4. Jim Phillips says:

    I also agree. Android has much more of the smartphone market but companies like Good Sam still continue to develop for the iPhone market first. I don't get it? We are avid RV'rs and spend alot of $ at Camping World. We could use this app on Android. Good Sam get with the program.

  5. Karen Dzurik says:

    Looks like some good stuff

  6. Sure wish Good Sam would have this app for the Windows phone, we use their products a lot….

  7. Oscar Wilde says:

    I also agree we need this for Android. Especially now that Campground Navigator is no longer available.

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