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Camping with Kids Part II

April 20, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 


camping-kidsThe best thing to do, before the packing even begins, is to lower your expectations.  Take a deep breath, relax and realize that no matter what happens (or doesn’t, for that matter), this is going to be a fun, memorable adventure for you and your family…especially for your kids.  :)

With that said, here are a few more pointers that have certainly helped me in the past when camping with my kids:

  • Pack extra clothes- Not only will you want to layer your kids, like you do yourself when camping, you will also want to make sure you have plenty of extra outfits on hand (just in case).  Kids fly through outfits faster than normal when camping.  Between the amount of time they are spending outdoors, to the lack of being able to fully baby proof while camping (meaning things are much more accessible for curious little hands), and also just from the sheer enjoyment of yummy treats, such as s’mores.  Let’s face it, they’re messy and very sticky!!  Also make sure to pack a hat with a brim for during the day (don’t forget the sunblock) and a beanie for at night.
  • Bring your own mini inflatable poollittle (portable) toilet, and other outdoor toys for hanging out around the campsite- Kids are more likely to behave better when you provide a few familiar items from home for them to play with during their downtime.  The little inflatable pools are ideal for when camping somewhere with warmer weather than what they are used to (plus it’s a great way for them to rinse off the dirt, occasionally throughout the day).  The little potty will come in handy when potty training and also just really helps cut down on the number of trips Mommy (or Grandma) has to make with them to any (potentially yucky) public potties.
  • Pack lots of easy snacks and drinks- fruit (think oranges, apples, and bananas), veggies (carrots, broccoli, and celery), as well as other kid-friendly items that they like to eat at home.  This is especially helpful for maintaining their blood sugar level, which helps keep them in a better mood for the most part.  Ensure snacks are handy, healthy, and accessible to stay ahead of their hunger (don’t wait until they are so hungry, they become irritable and cranky).  Same goes for drinks–offer water and other drinks often and make sure they stay well-hydrated, especially in the hot summer months.  Juice boxes and individually- packaged milks, squeezable yogurts (like Yoplait’s Go-Gurts) and squeezable fruit pouches, all make for easy, yummy snacks and drinks.

Quite honestly, camping is one of the funnest things that we do with our kids.  They love being outside (all day), singing songs around the camp fire, eating s’mores,  having hot chocolate, and the best part: getting dirty!  We try our best to just relax and enjoy our time outdoors as a family and not get hung up on the fact that they are on their fourth outfit, just ate some ants, and have so much dirt on their face, they are practically unrecognizable!

This picture is more realistic, while the one above is more idealistic…mudkids-1

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