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Mexican S’mores, a new camping tradition…

April 30, 2013 by · 3 Comments 


Cumberland Gap 207Last summer, some family friends shared with us a special treat that has now become one of our favorite ever desserts!  We reserve it to ‘camping’, and don’t do it very often so that it stays ‘special’.
We had never heard of Mexican S’mores before!   They are a slight twist on regular s’mores; I don’t care for s’mores generally… I like a few marshmallows roasted golden brown with the insides all mushy, but I don’t like traditional s’mores.



Cumberland Gap 226For Mexican S’mores, you need the typical s’more’s chocolate and marshmallows, but instead of graham crackers, you’ll want to have tortillas, butter (we only use the real thing – have you ever read about margarine???? :p), and aluminum foil.


Mexican S’mores are super easy to make, and a favorite of all ages!



Spread softened butter thinly on one side of each tortilla, then place marshmallows and chocolate (we usually use 10″ tortillas, with 3 large marshmallows and 4 chocolate bar rectangles for each) in the middle of the buttered tortilla.  Because they are pretty rich, we make one per person, but sometimes the big boys will want two!  ;)


Cumberland Gap 216Fold up like a burrito, with ends tucked in, then wrap in aluminum foil the same way.



Then put them over your campfire!  I can’t tell you for how long as it depends on how hot your fire is, how far away they are, how crispy you want them… turn over to brown both sides…



We let ours get browned and slightly crispy, but they are fabulous even almost burnt!  (we know from experience).   They will be super hot when you take them off, so be careful, but they are THE BEST camping treat out there!  Not nearly as crumbly as traditional s’mores, but just as marshmallowy-messy  :D

Cumberland Gap 244






We were camping a few weeks ago in Cumberland Gap N.P., when we last made these.    Super yummy!  Give them a try and then come back and let me know what you think of them!!!  :) Cumberland Gap 252



3 Responses to “Mexican S’mores, a new camping tradition…”
  1. Howdy Dana,
    How many banks do you have to visit to get enuff $$$$ to feed your crowd S'mores?
    These sound better than the graham cracker kind, only if you call'em Mexican they MUST have JALAPENOS in them! If you use a 'forked tree-branch', it'll be just like roastin' marshmallers! Thanx, for the recipe and hopin' y'all have a HAPPY DAY!

  2. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon for a taste treat!

  3. not so sure about the jalapenos, but a little chili powder along with the cinnamon, maybe?

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