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Beach Camping Must-Haves!

May 17, 2013 by · 1 Comment 


Beach CampingGrowing up mostly beach camping with my immediate and extended family, I can honestly say the beach is my all-time favorite destination for camping.  Two of the top reasons I prefer beach camping are the relaxing rhythmic sounds of the waves crashing on the shore that lull you to sleep each night and the countless recreational opportunities, in and out of the ocean, that fill your glorious days while camping at the beach.

When camping on the west coast, you also have the added benefit of watching the sunset dip into the ocean, which is always the ideal way to end a fun day at the beach.  Many beach camping sites are right on the sand, which is preferable in my opinion (especially if you are tent camping).  Other beach camp sites can be on a rocky cliff, with paved spots overlooking the beach below.  Either way, you will want the exquisite ocean view from your camp and (hopefully) an easy walk to the shore.

Wildlife viewing along the coast is also a fun pastime.  From the daily and mundane to the more seasonal species: you will have the opportunity observe dolphins, seals, and pelicans and possibly even the ultimately awesome experience of witnessing whales and their calves swimming past. While I have seen all of these, I must admit viewing whales breaching from the beach is not as likely as it is to see some of the others I mentioned.

As a way to prepare you for BEACH CAMPING, I have compiled a short list of MUST-HAVES :

  • Bring a Windbreaker and/or Warm Coat.  While many think beach camping will be warm, if not hot; it’s always best to be prepared for whatever the ocean decides to send your way.  When the wind picks up, it can get really chilly, even in the heat of the day.  If you don’t use the jacket on a windy day, you will need it when the sun goes down at night.
  • Bring Baby Powder (especially when camping with kids).  It is the best way to get sand off your skin.  Don’t want a sandy RV/tent/car? Sprinkle a little baby powder on the skin where the sand is sticking and, like magic, the sand falls right off as you rub the powder onto the skin.
  • Bring Baby Oil for the off chance you unknowingly step in some tar while strolling down the beach.  While many beaches won’t have tar, if you do happen to spot some on your feet, baby oil takes it right off like nothing else will.

There are so many other things to consider, but this is a start… until next time!  Enjoy your beach camp out!


One Response to “Beach Camping Must-Haves!”
  1. Aimee Bowe says:

    Great tip about the baby powder and baby oil – I had no idea! Thanks!

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