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Lifestyle Tech Tips – ‘On The Level’

May 23, 2013 by · 1 Comment 


Level12826_6This month’s reader submitted, handy tech tip, comes from William Andersen, Irvine California:

‘When you don’t have power levelers, you must make a visual determination of how far the RV is out of level and then make your corrections. This is a multi-step operation. I found that being able to get a visual estimate of what needs to be done — before leaving the cockpit — helps greatly. To that end, I permanently mounted a bulls-eye level to the engine cover. To mount the bubble level, I drilled three equally spaced holes around the rim (to accept a #4 machine screw), then drilled and tapped three matching holes in an out-of-the-way, but reasonably level, spot on the engine cover. Put three #4-40 × 1-inch screws through the holes in the bubble level. Run nuts to the top of the screws, but leave them loose. With the coach parked in a known level position, turn the screws into the threaded holes until the bubble

is centered, then tighten the nuts against the level. Adjust the screws to fine tune the bubble at a time when the coach is level, then double check it with a hand level on the freezer floor in the refrigerator.

Now, a glance tells me what needs to be done upon reaching the perfect spot. A little experience will teach you to read which wheels need how much adjustment.’


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