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Lifestyle Tech Tips – Cleaner Air

July 18, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 


When turning on the ceiling fan in the bathroom of my RV I found it a chore to have to go back later to shut it off. I took care of this by installing a simple timer in series with the fan switch.

Cleaner AirThe timer is installed in the wall next to the fan switch, utilizing an “old-work” box. I removed one wire from the fan switch and hooked it to one of the two terminals on the timer. I then added a short wire from the empty terminal on the fan switch to the empty terminal on the timer. (The wire size of the short “jumper” wire should be the same as the originals.)

By leaving the fan switch in the on position, the ceiling fan is now controlled by the timer. When entering the bathroom I twist the timer knob a little and the fan goes off a few minutes after I exit.

Frank Woythal, Andover, New York

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