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Lifestyle Tech Tips – Mountain High Mess

October 15, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 


Mountain-High-MessI noticed that every time I traveled through mountainous areas, certain areas in my coach ended up in a gooey mess. Apparently, the change in elevation causes a build-up of pressure in any bottles containing air — liquid soap, lotions, household cleaners, etc. This forces the contents up, out and all over countertops and inside cabinets. Now, before we hit the high road I make sure all the spray nozzles are turned to the off position and the pumps on bottles have been pushed down and locked in place.

Julie Perry, Lewisville, Texas
Editor’s note: You can also loosen caps, slightly squeeze
the bottles to evacuate air, and re-tighten the caps. For
soap pumps that have no locking means (like the built-ins
on your sink), pull the dispenser pump up slightly to allow
air to reach the contents; the pressure will change automatically
as you go down (or up) the road.

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