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Biking With Kids While Camping– A Must!

April 5, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

This is our daughter's first ride on the WeeRide in 2012--she LOVED it!

This is our daughter’s first ride on the WeeRide in 2012–she LOVED it!

While camping with kids, having wheels of some kind is a must. Biking with kids while camping really is one of the funnest activities you can do when camping with kids. We love taking the kids on bike rides since you can go a lot further on bikes than you can walking. Before you set out on the bikes though, it’s best to make sure the route you plan to take is kid-friendly and that you have a helmet for each child. Ideally, you would take a trail that is made for hikers, bikers, and runners (separated from cars). Otherwise you have to constantly pay close attention to the car traffic and stay right with your child, unless of course they are small enough to be in a bike trailer or attached bike seat.

With our two, we have our youngest (3) on the seat behind me on my bike and our daughter (6) is either on the WeeRide Co-Pilot Child Trainer bike behind her Dad or on her own 20-inch purple bike. Either way, we can go for a couple miles with both our 3 year-old and 6 year-old before they get too tired. The 3 year-old has even gone on the WeeRide a few times around the block, but he is still too small to reach the pedals, so he likes being on the back of Mama’s bike for now.

When you go on a bike ride while camping with kids, it is fun to have a destination where the kids can play and explore, like a park or the beach, about midway through your ride. Then you want to stay just long enough to play for a bit, have a snack, and yet still have enough energy to ride back to the RV (without any meltdowns, ideally).  This can be tricky, because if you stay and play for too long, you run the risk of having a child who is too tired to ride back or a child who is melting down the whole way back. Take it from me, it is no fun for anyone to ride with a child who is literally melting off their bike, wailing, and so tired and done that it probably isn’t even safe for them to be riding their bike.

Quite honestly, bike rides have been so fun to do with our kids and I have so many fun memories riding as a child, it is something I feel everyone with kids should experience! Not to mention, it’s great for the kids and gets everyone out of the RV and exercising together!

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