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Fun Campground Activities

May 12, 2014 by · 1 Comment 


It can be simple to entertain kids at camp with the many games and toys available today, but when left to their own devices, you may not have much contact with them. There also comes a time in every family camping trip when the kids are bored and toys or games no longer appeal. Below are a few fun ideas for those times. They require minimal equipment, most of which is already found in a campground or RV park and they actually involve learning. Playing these games, your kids will absorb new information without realizing it!

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt. This will require preparation ahead of time, but mostly involves making lists of items easily found in and around a campground. Campers should be divided into teams that will compete to see how many of the list items each can find. Some suggested list items include: a flashlight, a maple leaf on the ground (if there are maple trees in the vicinity), a marshmallow, an acorn (if there are oak trees about), 1 sheet of toilet paper, and the like. The team which finds the most wins.

camper in campgroundTake the Kids on a Nature Hike. Many campgrounds have nature trails on the grounds with vegetation labeled. If yours does not, spend a bit of time looking around so you can lead the kids on a hike that will showcase some of the more common types of trees, plants and possibly animals in the vicinity.

Can You See? While an adult may start this game, even the youngest member of the group will be able to participate by coming up with questions as they become familiar with the process. The game begins with mom or dad asking, “Can you see…”, then naming a specific item within their view. A few ideas to get you started include: an evergreen tree, a green tent, a black puppy, a specific license plate, a camp stove, etc.

These fun campground activities should provide hours of campground fun, long after the shine has worn off the new toys. So on your next camping trip, pull the kids away from their video games and entice them to follow you out the door of your tent or camper for a bit of fun and some quality family time. Happy travels!

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  1. It's such a good idea to plan some activities for kids to play while camping. It can get boring sometimes, especially for younger kids. We recently wrote a blog featuring some more ideas and tips! We'd love for you to check it out:

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