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Getting the Most Out of Your RV Vacation

May 11, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 


Bicycling is a popular family activity

Sometimes you plan a vacation and once you get there, you find that the RV vacation you thought everyone was looking forward to, isn’t so appreciated.

A surefire way of making sure everyone is onboard with the RV vacation before you leave is to make a check list of vacation destinations they might not have thought of. On this list include alternative environmental locales like beaches, mountains, forests, deserts, national parks, waterfront campgrounds, previously visited RV destinations, and specific venues like theme parks. Full service RV resorts with numerous activities for children, or Native American historic sites are good choices as well.


Challenging activities keep kids engaged

Then, tally up everyone’s choices and you should have a good idea what RV vacation matches the closest to all the criteria you just provided. The closest you can get to satisfying each family member’s wishes, the more successful your vacation will become.

Follow these tips for putting your vacation together and be sure to do it long before the departure date. Make all your campground or RV resort reservations as soon as your plans are finalized. You don’t want to find your preferred RV resort or campground already filled once everyone’s agreed on that destination.

Finish your vehicle check list and correct any mechanical problems before leaving. Remember to pack all your family’s favorite vacation equipmentMake a supply check list for food stores, paper goods, picnic supplies, pots and pans, etc. Finish loading everything into your RV the day before your departure, with all the last minute items staged by your front door. Lastly, leave all work-related baggage—both mental and physical—behind. It’s a vacation! Have fun.

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