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Cleaning The Roof of Your RV

May 3, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 


Directions in PowerRV roof cleaning, for many, is an overlooked maintenance item.  However, cleaning your RV’s roof should be one of the most frequent tasks.  Depending on your travel environment, this may vary from monthly to every three months.  Learning to do this correctly yourself will save you considerable amount of money.


Let us start by saying this is not a job for everyone, as it takes some climbing and agility. If you don’t climb or move too well, having this done by a quality RV roof cleaning professional may be wise. If you decide your ready to take this on, remember there are many different products for roof structures made of fiber glass, rubber, aluminum and other coatings including some hybrid materials. Choose the best product for your roof according to what it’s made of.

Inspect the roof for any issues.

This is to assure the installed roof hardware is in good shape. Some people feel that all the screws holding these items should be checked for tightness, I would have to disagree. If these screws were properly installed at the time the unit was manufactured, they will not come loose. The silicone will ensure that.

Inspect the sealing silicone beads found around each roof mounted item.

Pay attention to the condition of the sealant that prevents water from entering around each mounted hardware item at the front and rear cap joint. Further sealant checking is required along the side rail, where the roof sides roll and gutter is mounted. This should be done every year or two.

Replace Air Conditioning Shrouds.

The plastic material that forms the AC cover tends to harden over time.  They generally last about 5 years, at which point they should be replaced.  Those that suggest these shrouds be removed every three or four months to inspect for bird nests or other obstructions, are misguided and may actually create additional problems.  We’ve all seen these AC shrouds on the side of the road after being blown off an RV. The AC’s integrity can be checked using a stick or I.R. thermometer at the output.  If a decline in service is observed, carry out the removal and inspection of that shroud.

Finally, remember a few things before you begin your roof cleaning, be safe, stay aware of your surroundings and let someone know you’re going up on the rig before you do. You’re home is only as good as the roof above it, so take good care of it.

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