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Rain? Wind? Heat? What clothes to bring for summer camping

June 17, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

Summer fun

Summer camping fun includes fishing and canoeing

I will tell you right up front, I can predict what the weather will be for your summer camping trip. It is important to know this so you know what clothes to bring for summer camping. Will it rain, or be foggy? How about wind? Will it be muggy hot in the afternoon but with a teeth-chattering morning chill?

My prediction to these questions is: Yes – to all. In fact, this prediction would also apply to what to bring to summer camp besides clothes since the weather – and its unpredictability – will determine what activities to pursue.

But first, the clothes. Other than bringing along your entire wardrobe, a well-planned  camping trip will include what you need but will not take up valuable space with what you don’t.

  • Convertible pants – Serve as protection from morning chill and hiking in tick country. But when it warms up, just zip off the bottoms of the pants and you have a pair of shorts. Stuff the amputated legs in your day pack.
  • Shorts – two pair. One for wearing while you wash and dry the other.
  • T-shirts – two each, quick drying instead of cotton. After washing out they will dry quickly.
  • Long-sleeve shirt or Tee – sun burn and tick protection as well as providing some warmth
  • Underwear – two each, same as shorts.
  • Sweat pants or jeans – for chilly early mornings or when a mountain storm blows in.
  • Socks – 3 pairs cotton socks. One will always be drying
  • Sneakers, sturdy sandals, and hiking boots
  • Swim suit and beach towel.
  • Wind breaker – stuff sack type for your day pack.
  • Sweat shirt or fleece long-sleeved top – yes, there will be some chilly mornings
  • Sun hat – keeps you cooler and prevents sun burn
  • Rain jacket – unless you’re planning on spending summer camping in the desert, you will have rain. Rain proof, not just rain repellant preferred.
  • Forget bringing a change of clothes for each day of your vacation. Nobody will notice if you wear the same things over and over – or care.

After you have packed these basics, you could add a few extras (socks, tank tops, underwear) or favorite items if you still have room.

And here is a check list for what to bring for summer camp besides clothes.

  • Day pack
  • Sun block
  • Insect repellant (apply to your clothes also if you are in tick country)
  • Water bottle
  • Energy bars for out-on-the-trail snacks
  • Sunglasses
  • Small first aid kit for your day pack

After you have packed all the necessities make a list of all the other things you would like to take, then prioritize them. Start packing with the first item on the list and work down until you run out of storage room.

And last but not least, stay safe, and have fun.


One Response to “Rain? Wind? Heat? What clothes to bring for summer camping”
  1. In Florida, summer afternoon rain showers are really more a way of life than a weather disturbance. We get to enjoy beautiful, perfect blue skies all day and then the sky opens up for about a half hour and we get our blue skies back. Moral of the story: bring a poncho!

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