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Emergency Road Service

July 16, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 


Enhance Your Traveling With Good Sam Emergency Roadside Service; trips are worry-free!

By Jim Brightly, KF7SCT


You wouldn’t think of driving your car or taking your RV on a tour without liability plus collision and compensation insurance, would you? Well, Good Sam Emergency Roadside Service is insurance. Insurance that assures that your trips can continue even if something untoward should happen along the highway. It provides assistance should a flat tire occur, fuel if for whatever reason you should need it, a battery for a quick start, and a tow if that should prove necessary as well.


An RV is a wonderful and exciting tool! A tool that can take you places you’d probably never visit if you weren’t an RVer. Not only can you visit new wonders in your RV, you can also enjoy your own bedding, your own pillows, and your own bathroom in your own RV. For some of us, these are important aspects of a comfortable life. But even the strongest tool can bend or break, and then assistance is necessary.


Let’s take a look at changing a tire for an example: First of all, an extremely heavy-duty jack will be needed to lift the RV, and with today’s torque requirements on the lug nuts of an RV, power tools are required to remove a tire. And an RV tire and wheel assembly is not your father’s VW spare—they weigh upwards of 60 or 75 pounds, not an easy package to lug around. In addition, many RVs don’t even have a spare so you’ll have to find a safe location to wait for a new tires to be delivered and mounted on your RV, which means the possibility of a tow truck.


So let us buy you dinner with a Dining Dough Gift Card (, which will be sent you upon joining the Good Sam Emergency Roadside Service family.

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