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Take one healthy dose of Good Sam members, add a large heaping of fun, a pinch of games, seminars, and entertainment, stir in food and fellowship, add a dash of crazy themes, and place in a large area, preferably a Good Sam RV Park. Then, allow it to simmer over the average weekend. When it’s over you will have everyone talking the ultimate RV feast—a SAMBOREE!

WV SamboreeIf you get a group of friends together to camp and have fun, you call it a campout. When you get 200 or more Good Sam members for that same weekend, we call it a Samboree. A Samboree is put on by a state or province one to three times a year. They are usually over a weekend with early bird days on Thursday. The state or province will choose a place large enough to hold all the campers. This can be at a Good Sam RV Park or at a fairground or event field. The activities will vary from state to province but will usually have a theme, games, vendors, seminars, and entertainment.

Esthermay and I have been attending Samborees for 20 years. We have probably attended over 130, though we stopped counting years ago. We have been a part of the craziness all over the east coast with a few others added, the furthest being Texas. The themes have varied, the events both large and small. We have been to the “Big Top” with a three ring circus and watched the “Hatfields” battle the “McCoys.”  We have seen shotgun weddings and a real wedding. We have sailed on sailing ships and galloped across the stage, and don’t even get us talking about West Virginia’s fabulous popcorn machine.

These Good Sam Events offer you entertainment and we have seen some great acts and learned a little about the Texas two step.

There have been games from a knock off of “A Minute to Win It” to a frying pan toss. We have even raced blue hens, and waded in water for the duck races! There are the old favorites like Bean Bag Baseball and Corn Hole. Some states or provinces have local favorites like Cribbage tournaments or Euchre games.

You will find seminars covering all sorts of topics like RV Maintenance, Full Timing, Cookware, and Driving the Blue Roads. We have attended seminars on cancer, The Red Hat Society, Facebook, and traveling with pets.

If all this is too much for you, most Samborees have board games or puzzles or, if you choose, you can sit under your awning and hang out with friends. The choice is your and yours alone.

Learn more at the Good Sam Events page.

Come join us, there is a reason we say we joined for the 10% and stayed for the membership.

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