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RV Tech Tip: Awning Rod Storage

August 13, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 


RV Tech Tip Awning Rod StorageI got tired of having to hunt for my awning rod, which had the habit of becoming buried under the other items in my largest outside storage compartment, the only compartment long enough to store it in. If you’re having a similar problem, this RV tech tip can help.

I cut two short pieces (about 6 inches long) of PVC pipe, drilled two holes in each (enlarged the holes on one side for the screwdriver shaft) and attached them to the ceiling of the compartment. I measured my rod and placed the pieces of pipe so that the rod tip (bent 90 degrees) would just hang out the end. That way, there is no room for the rod to slide back and forth.

Now when I need my awning rod, I know right where it is; I don’t have to hunt for it.

Credit: Mike Jones, Wyoming MI

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