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Fort Lauderdale and Miami’s South Beach

November 30, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

After leaving the Florida Keys, we returned to CB Smith’s County Park just outside Fort Lauderdale for a few more days so that we could visit with some old friends and experience Fort Lauderdale Beach and Miami’s famed South Beach. It had been years since we had seen either of our friends: Mark, who attended high school with our daughter, and his partner Andy, and Steve, once married to the now-departed and much missed Eva. Their beautiful homes, hospitality and gracious entertaining left Maureen and I with more fond memories of them and Fort Lauderdale. There are other memories of Fort Lauderdale and Miami that come to my mind, although they happened many years ago. I last visited the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area with a high school friend some 45 years ago, in celebration of our graduation and the purchase of my brand new Corvette Stingray. Since then, much has changed. Once Easter-Break-Central for much of the east-of-the-Mississippi high school and college students crowd, we found... [Read more...]

Remembering Lake Ronkonkoma…

November 29, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

We were recently on Long Island in New York, visiting friends and family, when we passed an exit for Lake Ronkonkoma, a place of many childhood memories. I’ve crafted a short story about one of our family’s trips out to the lake one Saturday morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. ***** It was early Saturday morning and we were going to Lake Ronkonkoma! Well, actually we might be going to the lake; if only the sky would clear. We kids had waited all week for that morning. And so had several of our friends and cousins who lived on our block and were lucky enough to be invited to go along with my family to the lake for the day. Mom had made sandwiches, cucumber and potato salad and her famous cupcakes — chocolate, with the centers scooped out and hand-filled with homemade-whipped cream. The cone of removed cake was then placed back on top of the cupcake like a hat and dusted with powdered sugar. Yummy! Old blankets, towels and a table cloth were neatly... [Read more...]

It Doesn’t Get Much Better than This

November 14, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

It Doesn’t Get Much Better than This

This has been an absolutely fabulous camping week! We left Virginia last Sunday (November 6th) and meandered down I-95 and 301 into North Carolina, crossed the border into South Carolina just outside of Tabor City, and parked the RV at Willow Tree RV Resort in Longs, SC.  Longs is relatively close to Myrtle Beach – by close I mean you can drive there in 20 minutes or so but it is still far enough away that you can enjoy a low traffic, relaxed atmosphere. The off-season rates at Willow Tree are extremely reasonable and the beauty of the turning trees, reflections on the 40 acre lake, Swans and Canada Geese swimming gracefully across the water, warm daytime temperatures and the fellowship of friends belonging to the Cedar Creek RV Owner’s Club all come together to make everything feel perfect. We were part of about 30 Cedar Creek RV owners assembled at Willow Tree for our end-of-season annual rally.  This is a great group of folks with Christian values and fellowship dedicated... [Read more...]

THE LOST KEY (From the archives of the “Fiero Fiction Series”)

October 21, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

THE LOST KEY (From the archives of the “Fiero Fiction Series”)

The Lost Key is one of twenty stories I wrote back in the late 90’s. Many of these stories were published as part of the Fiero Fiction Series. They appeared in both the Pontiac Fiero Connection magazine and the Fiero Owner, a magazine published quarterly by the Fiero Owner’s Association of America. My affection for the little 2-seat, mid engine, composite body car that was only built from 1984 to 1988 still continues – but I am now down to three cars (I once owned seven). I share this story to readers of my Woodall’s Family Camping blog simply because I consider it “Fun”. You see, camping and sitting around the campfire without stories is like forgetting the marshmallows. In this story, Jimmy Moore is typical of anyone opening the lost ark contained within the center console and floor hugging seats in any Fiero. What he finds, and what he does, could easily happen to any of us. Like other stories in the Fiero Fiction Series, this one is based on a true story –... [Read more...]

I REMEMBER WHEN…. (Chapter 13 – The Camporee)

October 7, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

I REMEMBER WHEN…. (Chapter 13 – The Camporee)

I had just graduated from Cub Scout Webelows to the Boy Scouts.  This was my first “Camporee” and as such, my first experience camping with a new and older group of scouts. Our Scout Master was a Korean War Vet everyone called George.  He often reminded us of his “camping” experiences in the cold, rain and mud with little or nothing to protect himself from the elements.  According to George, this is what makes boys into men. About twenty of us had arrived at our camping site on Norris Lake joining with several other scout troops.  We cleared our area of debris and pitched out tents.  Most of us had pup tents – each scout having half a tent and needing a scouting buddy with the other half to make a full tent. After pitching our tents, we would dig a trench around the perimeter to promote good drainage should we have rain.  There were no floors in the tents so we placed our sleeping bags on top of a poncho laid directly on the ground. George had a much nicer tent with walls... [Read more...]


September 29, 2011 by · 9 Comments 


The air smells magnificently crisp and clean.  There is no trace of the usual smog or exhaust fumes.  When I take a deep breath and fill my lungs full, I feel refreshed and stronger. The sky is dark blue.  Only a few cumulus clouds move across the horizon.  The temperature is a perfect 78 degrees and the sun gently warms my exposed skin. There is no noise – no cars, no trucks, no boom boxes, or sirens.  The only sounds I hear are the ocean waves breaking onto the sand in front of me.  No, wait – that was a seagull calling out as it flew overhead. Moments ago, I was kicking the light brown sand with my toes as I walked to my reclining chair next to a small tidal pool. I brought a cold drink with me.  It sits at my right so a smooth movement brings the cool amber liquid to my lips. My doggie, Oscar, is digging in the sand to my left – his leash in my lap. Nancy is further to my right enjoying a book downloaded to her Kindle. The book I have in front of me is thrilling. ... [Read more...]

Unforgettable Trips — Franconia Notch, NH

September 28, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Dateline October, 1979 One of our favorite destinations in New England is the Franconia Notch State Park area of New Hampshire; the White Mountains. There are lots everything we enjoy: mountains, deep dark woods, pure, ice cold streams racing over rock strewn, water-carved flumes and small New England villages.  It was easy to visualize the ghosts of courageous 17th and 18th century fur trappers and Native American hunting parties prowling through the woods. My children and I would create stories about “The Last of the Mohicans.” We imagined the last chief of the mighty Mohicans, Chingachgook, along with his BFF, Natty Bumppo, called “Hawkeye” by his native friends, creeping silently along the forest game trails on moccasined feet, tracking a regal 15-point elk with flintlock and bow, while their renegade Huron arch-enemy, “The Wily Fox,” Magua, creeps up behind them, ready to add their scalps to his already hirsute belt… What? Yes, yes, I know that Fenimore’s... [Read more...]

Akin to lawyers…

September 27, 2011 by · 4 Comments 

Shopping for a new RV should be a very fun experience, shouldn’t it???  Not if the salesmen have anything to do with it… I don’t know if it is because we fulltime, because we just experienced frame failure and are nervous about buying another 5er, or maybe it’s because we travel with 10 of our children… what ever the reason, RV shopping this time has not been fun.    Because we fulltime, we need an RV that will withstand the rigors of 20k+ miles a year.  Because we just had a 5th wheel totalled out (well, we are still working on paper work), we want an RV with some structural integrity.  Because we travel with 10 kids, only a few floor plans will work for us, narrowing down our choices excessively, so we are searching the entire country for just 4 models, 2 of which are discontinued!  All that makes it not so fun – besides the fact that we won’t even be able to see our final choice in person due to where we are currently at (traveling with... [Read more...]

Unforgettable RV Trips — A Series — Number 1

September 12, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

Dateline 1974 We were a young family with two children. We loved camping and often went out six or more times a year but, as our family grew, things were becoming complicated. During a tent trip to the Smokies, our youngest had breakfast in his highchair while sitting outside—in his snowsuit. It was then that we decided it was time for a change. We began putting money aside for one special trip every year in a rented RV. We still went tent camping in between our RV trips whenever the weather was mild, and even purchased a VW camper in 1970. Well, not the official VW camper, that was beyond our budget. We bought a new VW van and then made some modifications, including a jalousie screened window, a roof vent, an exterior oil cooler, a front-end spare tire mount, a large rooftop rack and a storage box-bed-bench seat.  Between our van, our tent and a sometimes-yearly RV rental, we spent the next fifteen years roaming the east coast between Maine and Tennessee. We were happy, but we still... [Read more...]

From Tacoma to Nashville, RV Repairs Slowed Us Down, But Didn’t Stop Us From Having a Great Experience

August 18, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

(Guest Blog Post by Bob Kasprzak) My trip from Tacoma to Nashville has been plagued by repairs that have cost us a months delay. But the people who repaired out vehicle were excellent, cost efficient and timely. We traveled from Tacoma to Zion to Albuquerque to Nashville, TN in our 1986 Mini Winnie. We stopped at 1000 lakes Campground in Torre, UT to get a leaky tire fixed. The owners brother, ‘Biggie’, operates an RV repair service next to the campground. He repaired our problem, a frozen wheel axle quickly and at a very reasonable price. Just outside of Memphis an passing motorist notified us that we had a trailer problem and I pulled over to find the tire in shreds. Our road service insurance took us to a local Walmart where I bought two new larger tires and changed them in the parking lot at 10PM. Once we arrived in Nashville, our transmission quit working and ‘Mr. Transmission’ came to our rescue, fixed the tranny in one day again at a decent price. We found... [Read more...]

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