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Getting Ready to Head Out? Don’t Forget the Final Check on your RV!

March 7, 2013 by · 5 Comments 

Getting Ready to Head Out?  Don’t Forget the Final Check on your RV!

Have you ever forgotten to do the final check on your RV before driving away from your house or campsite? I have an uncle, whom I love dearly, who drove out of his driveway with his RV still plugged into the wall of his house.  As a fairly new RV-owner and having felt rushed for time when departing, he enjoys amusing  his listeners with the retelling of this story… They were headed to New Mexico from Los Angeles, to visit their son and his family, when it happened.  He didn’t realize it at first, but he was dragging the long electrical cord and cover from the wall, behind him for some time.   At first when he spotted the kids pointing at his RV, he thought smugly to himself: “Yep, they must be impressed with my nice Class-A.”  Only once he noticed that they were actually laughing and pointing, did he begin to think something must be up. Then it occurred to him to check all of his mirrors to make sure everything was as it should be.  This is when he spotted the... [Read more...]

Alabama Mardi Gras Comes to Kentucky

January 22, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

To escape winter in north-central Kentucky, we decided to head south to the Gulf Coast and chose an RV park near Gulf Shores, Alabama, for the month of January. As we toured the area, we noticed that slowly the Christmas decorations were being replaced by Mardi Gras colors. Rex, the King of Carnival, selected the Mardi Gras colors in 1892. Purple stands for justice, green for faith, and gold for power. Wreaths, banners, tinsel swags and signs started appearing in shop windows and on homes. Trees were redecorated with new ornaments and garlands in those special hues. Stores displayed hats, beads and party supplies. Bakeries hung signs encouraging hostesses to “Order Your King Cake Now!” King cake is a brioche-type pastry, rolled or braided into a circle. It is flavored with cinnamon and sugar-frosted in Mardi Gras colors. A token — a coin, a bean, or a tiny plastic baby — is hidden inside. Whoever gets the token is the king or queen of the party. Nowadays most bakeries won’t put... [Read more...]

Cyber Monday Shopping

December 5, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

I have a confession.  I went shopping on Cyber Monday…for just us!  Oh, I did get some gifts for the grandkids but mainly got things for us. That Monday was spent reading all the emails that were advertising Cyber Monday. I am NOT a Black Friday shopper. Not even a Grey Thursday shopper. Quite frankly, I didn’t even know there was a Grey Thursday until last week! However, I’ve always done most of my shopping online so the Cyber Monday emails caught my eye. The other advantage of shopping online is that your purchases are delivered to your door or, in my case, my daughter’s door since we are fulltimers. Side Note: I’ve done all my shopping online for the past several years for many reasons. It doesn’t matter if the weather is bad, I can shop in my jammies and my schlep-around slippers. With online shopping I’m treated nicely. No rude people. No crabby, tired sales people and no carts slamming into the back of me. And, I don’t buy unless I know I’m getting... [Read more...]

CAMPFIRE STORIES – “Broken Down on the Key Bridge”

November 16, 2012 by · 2 Comments 

CAMPFIRE STORIES – “Broken Down on the Key Bridge”

Sitting around a campfire with a group of old friends or new acquaintances inevitably brings out personal stories that speak of the trials, tribulations and adventures we all encounter during our RV travels.  Such was the case last week as a group gathered on a cool November night.   That’s when Allan shared the unfortunate but somewhat humorous adventure he, his dog and wife endured as they crossed the Frances Scott Key Bridge in Washington, D.C.:   We are finally underway to meet our fellow Cedar Creek RV Owners Club friends for our End of Year Rally at   Willow Tree Resort in South Carolina.  Our Terrier, Duffy, and I really needed this getaway.  We had planned getaways earlier this fall but had to cancel them for my hernia operation and my son’s spinal surgery.  Then, we were forced to delay our departure for this trip when Hurricane Sandy caused a blackout at our home. The ride from our home in PA to Willow Tree normally takes about 10 hours.  I was so looking... [Read more...]


September 25, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 


See how well you do on this quick quiz: Which iconic company character is the most recognizable by our US population? a. The Geico Gecko Lizard b. Progressive’s white-suit clad “Flo” c. The Aflac Insurance Duck If you guessed the Geico Gecko Lizard, you are correct! The little green walking, talking, Australian accent speaking Lizard is the most recognizable icon used in television advertising today. The result is, as expected, an advertising boon to the parent insurance company that is often copied by other companies wanting to get your business. Well, in Virginia, the Geico Gecko is about to get a lot more recognizable as his image appears on signs erected along the highway by the Virginia Department of Transportation as Geico forks over some badly needed infrastructure dollars to pay for what will be known as “Safe Phone Zones” at Virginia’s Welcome Center Interstate rest stops. This first ever (for Virginia) venture using a large company like Geico to help offset the cost... [Read more...]

GPS Week at Woodalls!

August 15, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

This week we are celebrating all things GPS!  This means plenty of contests and awards! Go to our Facebook or Twitter Pages to see something new each and every day. There will be contests, articles about GPS devices, and more! Follow us on Facebook: And on Twitter Want to enter twice the contests? It’s also GPS Week for our sister site, Trailer Life Directory! Follow them on Facebook:

A Tribute to My Father

June 15, 2012 by · 4 Comments 

A Tribute to My Father

My father was a quiet man. He liked simple things that didn’t cost money—spending time in nature, looking at a sunset, walking in the woods in the evening. He had no schooling beyond high school and worked in a factory until he was 65, but it was from him I learned my connection and appreciation of all things wild. My father was not a camper. He grew up on a farm and worked hard all of his life. He had no desire to spend a night anywhere but his own bedroom. From him I learned of the peace and beauty of nature, and the sanctity and necessity of quiet times. He rarely spoke his mind; most often did not share his opinion, but when he did speak up, it was often with humor. On one occasion I recall, a boy I was dating in high school was attempting to impress my father with his knowledge of farming, in spite of the fact that he had lived in the city his entire life. He approached my dad and asked, “I’ve heard that when cows lay down in the fields, that means it is going to rain.” My... [Read more...]


June 7, 2012 by · 7 Comments 


Yes, I admit it.  We are CHEATERS! No, we don’t cheat on our income taxes or in a card game.  Like thousands of other RV owners, we cheat on what is perceived as conventional camping. For the past week, we have been camping at Big Meadows off of the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park.  We have a beautiful pull thru site about 100’ long – more than enough space to accommodate our “big rig”.  There is only one problem with our site – we have no hook-ups for electricity, water, or sewage.  This, of course, translates to using our own on-board resources of water, battery power, and wastewater holding.  It is easy to get by with no hook-up for a night or two, but if you have a conventional RV with a refrigerator, water pump, and lights, you will quickly learn that the small battery packs that come with your RV will not sustain your needs.  The amount of water you can store and the capacity of your waste holding tanks will determine just how often you flush the... [Read more...]


May 22, 2012 by · 6 Comments 


Kevin and Debbie Clark own a 2011 Chevy 2500 pick-up with a full-length bed.  The truck is used to tow their 2009 Cardinal fifth wheel trailer. Kevin is extremely proud of his metallic silver truck and is meticulous about how he connects to his trailer.  The fifth wheel hitch is a Reese 22K set on bed rails bolted to the bed and frame of the truck.  The set-up is strong and easily handles the trailer in both braking and hard pulling maneuvers. . Kevin’s checklist includes: ●    opening the tailgate ●    chocking the trailer wheels ●    setting the trailer kingpin to the height of the hitch jaws ●    releasing the handle to close the hitch jaws ●    carefully backing into the trailer kingpin while watching for the actuation of the jaw handle to move out and then back in indicating that the jaws have latched tightly around the kingpin. ●    Push the jaw locking lever down on the release handle ●    Raise the front landing jacks about an inch off the... [Read more...]

WHY ARE GAS PRICES RISING? What is an RV’er to do?

April 14, 2012 by · 18 Comments 

WHY ARE GAS PRICES RISING?  What is an RV’er to do?

With fuel prices surpassing the $4.00 a gallon mark, to say that there is “pain at the pump” is an understatement. Dropping 200 gallons of Road Diesel into the tanks on the Volvo while in Florida required handing the girl at the fuel desk $831.00.  I couldn’t help but think of a time when diesel was considered “junk fuel” and was typically priced well below gasoline.  While I could have completely filled both 150-gallon tanks on the Volvo in my younger days for less than $100, I know those days now exist only in memories held by our over 50 generation. The soaring cost of fuel (gasoline and diesel) has hit the RV travel market hard.  With typical fuel mileage figures for towing a 8,000# trailer behind a gas engine 1/2 ton pick-up ranging from 7 to 12 mpg – even short trips can rack up a significant bill.  For example,  a 200 mile round trip will consume $80 of fuel, up $20 from last year.  The Paradox is that by some estimates the sales of RV towables has risen... [Read more...]

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